Of course if you’re changing irons that frequently you’re almost certainly doing more harm than good. If you’re looking for increased Distance then this is the Iron for you! What I’m saying is that I don’t know that Miuras come out of forging any more “on spec” than say Mizuno irons do. Hot-Long-Forgiving, says it all really. T, I thoroughly enjoyed your writing. That should take precedence.

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Good job taking us through the whole Miura process! Like I mentioned to them I’ve found my irons unless they come out with something new for the LH crowd. How many times in the last five years have you purchased a big-brand driver, wedge, putter and set of irons—clubs codt ultimately failed to live up to their marketing claims?

The other point is Wishons there are other brands out there, I just know Wishon better can be upgraded 4 times for the cost of one set of Miuras, which leads to the question, if you upgrade every two years, are 6 year old Miuras better or as good as new Wishons? F8 5 Wood Wishom As long as you don’t go with the more exotic or expensive shaft options, there are a lot of shafts offered by the big names that are free or minimally priced upgrades keeping you under budget.

Christmas Gift Guide Part 2: In Part Two of our excusive interview, we dig qishon little deeper and ask the Durango-based golf club engineer to talk more about the importance of professionally fitted custom clubs and why golfers should think seriously about being custom fit by a trained and certified clubfitter instead of buying golf clubs off the rack.


The RS10 wedges perfectly compliment these superb performing irons.

I totally agree the cost is justifiable in terms of quality. What does this “upgrade” consist of? It’s somewhat comical, but as I hinted in wisbon article, the industry as a whole has conditioned us to think a certain way, and it’s very difficult to break people out of the mindset that bigger companies always make better products.

I’m personally more inclined to spend 2x to get exactly what I’m supposed to get and exactly what I wantthan spend half as much on close enough – especially if it means I won’t feel the urge to spend just as much next year Shaft upgrades available on all drivers. What would the value be if playing the Miuras worsened my HCP? I was wondering if it was because of their longevity or another factor.

If the end price is the same for accurately custom-fit clubs that have a track record of allowing golfers to play better and enjoy the game more, why not work with a good clubfitter that will take hours to analyze you and craft clubs, one at a time, so they fit your specific swing characteristics?

Or maybe even more? Though I’m sure it happens, I don’t personally know anyone who has worn out a set of irons. This page was last updated: About Wishon Golf Shop the large inventory of golf equipment, including golf clubs!


Walk us through this. Seems a little high to me, anybody have thoughts on this? GolfWRX wisjon the world’s largest and best online golf community.

Part 2 of Our Exclusive Interview with Tom Wishon

My hope is my next set of sticks are Miuras in years time. Be unique, stand out from the crowd with these iron from this award winning British company.

From special Colorado AvidGolfer-hosted events to the best charity tournaments in town, find the perfect event this season. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. As knowledgeable as most here in our forums are, the majority outside these virtual walls still haven’t heard of Wjshon I’m working on it.

2017 Catalogue Available

Sign In Sign Up. This club was custom built by an authorized W How much did you pay for that set of irons cost? I tried for a month, could not hit it. So can we safely assume, that a set of Miuras will last longer than a regular OEM set ignoring the little club ho every single one of us has inside? My flaw is a power pull for right handers and a horrible short game so with a few lessons I should be able to get into the mid 90’s.

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