If you have the “Print Cartridge Holder Assembly”, positioned away from the home position, then you will need to slide strips of paper towels or coffee filters under that assembly, to soak up any expelled ink and fluids, or it can get all over. So how did my last reply to Denny get posted twice? The wet ink may have been smeared in that area, or some related type of problem. Well in both printers, this tube fell off! Laptops by Dan Ackerman Sep 25, Now I just need to wait for my husband to come home and fix it. I’ve done everything you have and I have no output whatsoever.

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Included Office Machine Accessories. You’re welcome and good job on having gotten as far as you did Second of all is to scroll up this page and read some if not all the replies to this posting.

Printer: Epson Stylus CX | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

Using my trusty pencil I gently moved the tray to the right and found that the tube IS connected. Bright White Inkjet Paper set to Best Photo Printr photo enhance and digital camera correction and presto – no banding. Epson ‘should’ step up Let us know if you get it ed – Dr Ed.

The following, previously priinter information, applies to printers here in the USA, when dealing with Epson America. Repeated this over about 12 hours, renewing the soak up towel when necessary, and sliding the head left and right.


You will have to check with “fixyourownprinter. The tubing on the cap asssembly came disconnected.

If you clamp on closer to the end, it will flatten the end and prevent attachment. It has been reported several times, that people have found those tiny prknter to actually be clogged and that stops the system from working. Certified for Windows Vista. Max Printing Speed Color ppm.

Epson Stylus CX5200 printer help

As prices of new printers started to come down a few years ago, it seems like the quality started to come down as well.

Slightly wring out the excess water and place the strips under the printhead assembly for cleaning. I opted for the free pdinter. If they would say they already tried the previously posted replies and it did not actually help, then I would not bother even replying. Same thing with my customer!

Epson Stylus CX inkjet printer ink cartridges – best price & quality – IJT Direct

I remembered how you said to be gentle so I was amazed at how little pressure I needed. It’s only going to stylua off again ’cause the end is clogged with dried ink. We have just changed cs5200 the printer cartridges with EPSON ones and we have run the Nozzle Check, Cleaning, Alignment – the paper runs through and it appears that it is printing but nothing appears on the page.

Its even possible that cleaning may correct your possible printing problem and you may not actually need the Epson Cleaning Solution What do you think? If your printer is out of warranty, you will need a credit card, before the technicians can help you, because there is a charge for technical support over the phone.


I changed the print cartridges in my printer last night and it just quit working. The most common problem found with the CX is the tubing on the cap asselbly becomes disconnected. Following incredible trouble free, precise quality, occasional printing for just under 18 months my Epson Stylus has decided to malfunction. It seems to happen most of the time, just by simply repacing the ink cartridges, as normal. A cheap and charming color laser printer A cheap and charming color laser printer by Dan Ackerman.

I hesitate to have this unit serviced due to 1 low initial cost 2 High service costs 3 logistics of delivering the printer to a service center without a car.

The way things are, I am able to get decent results but not on copy paper or in economy mode. Over the course of 4 hours, countless head cleaning and nozzle checks I decided to call the peak rate customer help line number only to be held on the line for 25 minutes whilst going through the same procedure as I had been through so many times before head cleaning, switching off, switching on, head cleaning stypus etc.

This repair disassembly and reassembly is for intermediate experience; there are several critical connections which are difficult to re-seat and align properly. Tablets by Dan Ackerman 8 days ago.

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